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Paul Elliott Thuleau at Quinta

Initially trained as an architect, Paul Elliot Thuleau continued his artistic journey in an etching studio in Paris, then as an artist assistant, then in Japan, continued his career in New York where he experienced a greater freedom in his work, decorator, curator and director of an art gallery in St Martin and many shows around the world.

From this background, he brought the purity of Japan, the large scale of North America, the harmony of Europe to his paintings and with of course the warmth of the caribbean.. His paintings are full of light, which seemingly jump off the canvas. And even though his paintings are quiet, the life of his subjects appears in small touches – laundry blowing in the wind, a person very still, an empty chair, a shadow.

Since he set up in the caribbean 20 years ago, he quit abstraction, and focus on the vibrant hues of these simple tropical houses. As a bright Edward Hopper, Paul Elliott help us rediscover the beauty of simplicity in a world that has become too complex to love.

Lives and paints in St Domingo

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