After finishing high school, mathématic section, he spent two years in architecture school of Paris. Then he decided to become a painter in 1979. He left France to travel to Rome Athens and Crete.In 1981, he returned to Paris to attend the Goetz academy, studying drawing, painting and engraving.

1981 – 1983 : Engraver at pasnic studio in Paris, Carborendum technic with famous artists : Goetz, Coignard, Papart, Pincemin, Barcelo,.

1984 – 1986 : Set designer with valérie Armande dance company. Assistant for the painter artist Paul Lemercier.

1987 – 1989 : Assistant for Serge Lutens, Sisheido commercials movies. Assistant for the sculptor artist Mihaï Popa in N.Y.

1990 – 1997 : Set designer for french movies.Travel in Japan, then back in Paris, to get maried with the movie producer Sophie Révil, get 2 daughters. He exhibits and write scripts.

1998 : Left Paris to St Martin, turn his name to Paul Elliott and return to figurative art.

2000-2005 : Art professor for St Martin high school. He created Art Lovers association. A fifty group of artists to promote St Martin as an island of artists. Open door week end of studios and art galleries once a year and other artists group exhibitions.

2005 : He stops teaching to open the art gallery “ Tropismes gallery” in Grand Case.

2011 : Currator of the exhibition ” La nouvelle figuration antillo-guyanaise autour de Georges Rohner” . The show has been presented in; St Martin, St Barthélémy, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyane and Paris sponsored by BDAF/BPCE bank.

2014 : Coordinator and decorator of the show ‘Orfeo negro’, musical comedy produced by the European Social Fund.

2015 : Permanently showed at Tropismes gallery. Murals in Saint Martin.

2017 : Live in St Domingo. Solo show at Quinta Dominica foundation.

2018 : Solo show at Museo de Santiago de los caballeros.

2021 : Tropismes gallery moves to France in Anjou.

2024 : Publication of the book Caraïbbean cabins



  • TROPISMES gallery, port de vallée, Blaison St Sulpice
  • Lynne BERBAUMM gallery,Sandy ground, Anguilla BWI


  • Galerie PEANUT, Saba
  • I like SXM Grand Case, ST Martin FWI



  • Galerie Peinture Fraîche, Paris.


  • Galerie Pasnic, Paris.


  • Galerie Guémard, Angers.


  • Arthotèque d’Angers.


  • Galerie de l’université de Montréal, Canada.


  • Galerie Beriem Engel, Luxembourg.


  • Casa dos contos, Ouro Preto Brésil.


  • Restaurant la Coupole, Paris.


  • Galerie Procréart, Paris


  • Puck Building – Gala de la fondation AMFAR, New York
  • Usine Médicalex, Paris Voir
  • Galerie Noda, Fukuoka, Japon


  • Galerie de L’amandier
  • Galerie Myaki,Fukuoka, Japon


  • Galerie Schweitzer Luxembourg
  • Galerie La Hune Paris, Musée de St Martin Voir
  • Galerie sur le port, St Barth
  • Galerie de L’Amandier, St Martin


  • Four season Hotel, Nevis
  • Galerie Mosera, St Martin Voir
  • Galerie Devonish, Anguilla
  • Galerie sur le port, St Barthélémy


  • Art festival, Anguilla
  • Bearden gallery, St Martin
  • Devonish gallery, Anguilla
  • Café des Arts, Nevis


  • Bagdad Galerie, Saint barthélémy
  • Savannah Galerie, Anguilla


  • Atelier des tropismes inauguration,Rétrospective.
  • Savannah Galerie, Anguilla
  • Grand case beach club, St Martin
  • Café des arts, Nevis


  • Atelier des Tropismes »25 ans de peinture » Publication du livre Caribbean shadows 


  • Woods Gallery, St Jon’s Antigua


  • Bagdad gallery – St Barth


  • Spencer Cameron gallery, St Kitts
  • Harmony hall gallery, Antigua 


  • Savannah gallery, Anguilla
  • Trakart Gallerty, Plodiv Bulgarie 


  • Oceana gallery, St Thomas usvi
  • De Montagnère gallery, Paris V


  • La nouvelle figuration Antillo-guyannaise, BDAF, Pointe à Pitre Guadeloupe.
  • La nouvelle figuration Antillo-guyannaise, BPCE Building, Paris.
  • Galerie l’encadrier, Cayenne Guyane
  • Bibliothèque Schoelcher, Fort de France Martinique
  • Hotel collectivité de St Barth
  • Tropismes gallery, St Martin 


  • Jumby bay island, Antigua
  • Harmony hall gallery, Antigua
  • The Cliff, St Martin


  • Exposition « sombras » à la Quinta dominica à St Domingue.
  • Exposition « sombras » au museo cccutesa à Santiago en république dominicaine.

Art Fair

1992 : ARTE New York – E. L. D.

1993 : SAGA Paris- E. L. D.

1994 : SAGA Paris- Editions Laurier Dubé, Montréal.

1995-96 : ART MULTIPLE – Dusseldorf.

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